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Your Small Wonders Pets 2-Legged Pack!


Who are we?  We're an eclectic bunch, that's for sure! What brings us together as such a great team is our love for what we do, our passion for helping people with their pets, our combined extensive knowledge of pet nutrition and behaviour, our sense of humour and our experience!! 


Meet Us!

Small Wonders Pets is an independently-owned family business. We've been on the Danforth in Toronto for over 2 decades, offering only the best foods, products and advice. Our customers are Family to us. We're proud to continue to be able to provide expert knowledge and services to the pet people of Toronto for so many years! We understand everything pet-related! We have lived with generations of pets ourselves and continue to do so!

Meet Keiley.

Also known as the Alpha-B*tch around here. She's the matriarch of the operation. She runs the show. With 3 decades of professional training, behaviour and nutrition, Keiley makes sure that the business runs. Plus she gets to hug dogs all the time, which is an added bonus! Keiley lives with a pack of misfit Mutts!

Meet Brian.

Also known as Daddy Dog. He's the guy all dogs gravitate to! He can't walk 2 blocks on the Danforth without our customers' dogs recognizing him and wanting to say "Hi". Even though he never carries treats in public! Also known for his wicked sense of humour, and an interesting sense of fashion, and lets off a few F-sharps now and again! Brian lives with all of the same dogs that Keiley does....

Meet Jen.

Jen is our our big sister of the Staff Team. You might immediately recognize her because of her funky hair colours and tattoos. She's hard to miss! Jen is an expert in what dogs want vs what dogs need! As a multi-dog owner and previous farm girl, she knows animals! Jen is very talented at guiding new dog owners towards the right products that they need. Not what they think they need. She helps new pet owners save money all the time by making the right choices! She's a bit quirky but she always has our customers' backs and helps them make the best choices for their needs. Jen is also a personal trainer so she has great advice about exercising with your dog. Jen lives with dogs named Hetfield, Ella and Kyuss. RIP Dime.

Meet Dee.

You'll know Dee from her black hair, glasses and perfect eye makeup. Don't let her perfect looks fool you! Dee comes from the land of Guinness and Irish whiskey! Her sense of humour is outstanding! While she has been with us only since May of 2015, it was Dee's personality that got her a position at Small Wonders Pets! She knows her stuff and she is a welcome member of our quirky Staff Family! Dee lives with a black kitty named Binx.

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