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Diego and Rupert have their own Fan Club of folks who come in to visit every day. It's easy to see why. Both cats are extremely friendly with people, and super-bonded with each other. They get on well with dogs too!

DIEGO (retired)
 "The Prince", or 
"Prince Gummy Bear"

I'm DIEGO. I was a junkyard cat. I came through a high-kill shelter in Quebec and was adopted through North Toronto Cat Rescue. 

Favourite Activities: Sleeping, Being Brushed, Eating, Being Adored and Admired.

Favourite Foods: I have no teeth, but I can eat everything. Dog and Cat Treats. Olives. Lettuce. Anything the Hoomans bring for lunch.

Favourite Toys: Meh. I'll chase a cat wand. Food is better. Catnip is great!

About Dogs: I like Puppies.

Special Skills: I can fart like a champ!!!

 "Loopy Roopy", or
 "Shoulder Kitty"

I'm RUPERT. I was removed from a Cat Hoarder's house under Investigation. I was adopted through Toronto Animal Services.

Favourite Activities: Riding around on Hoomans' shoulders!!! Playing with Toys!!! Belly rubs! Hugging Diego! Helping unpack boxes!

Favourite Foods: Meh. Not a huge treat fan. Love my Fromm kibble and my evening can!

Favourite Toys: Every. Single. Toy. Ever. Made!!

I LOVE TOYS!! I'm the Resident Toy Tester!

About Dogs: I love playing with them! And Teasing Them!

Special Skills: Being a Troublemaker!

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