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 Made in Wisconsin by the same family for 5 generations, Fromm Family Foods is committed to excellence in quality and variety. They provide many different formulas and protein varieties for all of your dog's life stages. We have been proudly carrying Fromm for over 2 decades. Lines include Gold, Four-Star and Grain-free. We have found over the years that Fromm products are among the highest in palatabilty and digestion.

100% Canadian-owned and manufactured in Saskatchewan,  Horizon Pet Foods include brands such as Complete, Legacy, Amicus and Pulsar. Completely GMO-Free, growth hormone-free and regionally-grown ingredients make Horizon foods a great choice! Because of their promise to use only regional ingredients, Horizon is committed to keeping their products affordable and high quality.

The first Redpaw food was created by Redpaw's founder to feed his own team of competitive sled dogs. His food formula increased his dogs' efficiency, performance and overall fitness. Fellow mushers quickly took note and the food was soon in high demand in the sled dog mushing industry. Recognizing that many dogs are not high-endurance canine athletes, your dog will benefit from the same nutritional foundation. Redpaw is only available in select stores such as Small Wonders Pets. Redpaw is made in Wisconsin.

100% Canadian and made in Alberta, Champion is known by its brands ACANA and ORIJEN. Focusing exclusively on fresh, regional ingredients from cage-free poultry, nest-laid eggs, ranch-raised meats and wild-caught fish to sun-ripened fruits & vegetables, their fresh ingredients are raised locally, passed fit for human consumption, and then delivered to their kitchens fresh, preservative-free and loaded with goodness.
~As a side-note, Champion opened it's Edmonton warehouse doors to people that were evacuated from the Fort McMurray area fires, and offered displaced people free pet food. You can't get much more Canadian than that~.

Tollden Farms has been producing high quality raw food since 2002 in Kemptville, Ontario. 

Tollden Farms believes that quality comes first, containing only the freshest human grade proteins, and the freshest vegetables and fruits. The food is made using whole cuts, and whole organs. Dinners are made of 85% top quality protein cuts and 15% vegetable and fruit, with green leafy vegetables making up the bulk. They add cold water herring oil, kelp, and alfalfa to complete the diet. Tollden Farms is delivered to us fresh weekly. We also carry frozen marrow bones in 2 sizes, beef neck bones in 2 sizes, chicken necks and turkey necks.

Bold Raw, made in Erin, Ontario, is committed to offering only Canadian sourced and raised meats, free of antibiotics and hormones. They choose to use only provincially or federally inspected abattoirs, and only use meats that pass the inspection process which are deemed fit for human consumption.  Bold Raw also offers raw green tripe, that incredibly healthy but stinky food! All tripe comes from healthy pasture raised cows. *Green tripe is NOT for human consumption...dogs only!*

K9 Natural is one of our freeze-dried raw foods. New Zealand is famous for its unspoiled environment, clean air, lush pastures and plentiful oceans making it the perfect place to find an amazing array of natural, pure ingredients. All of their wholefood products are sourced in New Zealand, are of human-grade quality and can be traced directly back to the farm. All of the red-meat is free range, grass-fed and naturally free from hormone growth promotants. All of the chicken and eggs in K9 Natural recipes are cage-free and they also pride themselves on only sourcing sustainable seafood. K9 Natural foods are ideal as an alternative to frozen raw food for travelling and camping. One of our most popular formulas is the Freeze-dried raw green tripe. A healthy addition to any meal, Freeze-dried tripe can be added to any diet, including kibble. It is also the least stinky form of tripe and can be kept in dry storage. 

Primal is a California-based company offering Freeze-Dried Formulas that are produced using only human-grade ingredients. The proteins are antibiotic and steroid free without added hormones. They incorporate certified organic produce, certified organic minerals and unrefined vitamins. All of the ingredients found in Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas are procured from sustainable ranches and farms throughout the United States and New Zealand. Once again, Primal Freeze-dried formulas offer a great alternative to raw when travelling or camping. Frozen Primal diets are available through special order, including raw goat milk.

For many people, the idea of making a homemade diet for dogs is daunting. We can help with that! Urban Wolf is the world's original grain-free biologically appropriate real super-food diet base mix for dogs that allows you to make your own powerfully nutritious homemade super-food quickly, easily and very economically. Urban Wolf was developed through generations of show dogs, and when we say easy, we mean easy!  Simply put, you add Urban Wolf to your own cooked or raw ground meat, mix and there you have it - 
Fresh, nutritious homemade super-food dog food. Urban Wolf is made in small batches and nothing is out sourced.  It is packaged immediately in air tight bags so it is stable for a very long time at room temperature, no need for refrigeration or freezing.  Even once opened, as long as it's stored it in an airtight container in a cool dry, dark place it will last indefinitely at room temperature.

ORGAN MEATS, AND SOME UNUSUAL BONES: One of our proudest moments is partnering with The Meat Dep't across the street from us. Small businesses with integrity need to work together and stick together. You don't need to be feeding a raw food diet to incorporate these nutritious elements into your dogs' diet! In my household, we cook these ingredients and add them to our dogs' kibble! Our promise to you is that through them, we will get you the best possible food products that we can find and we’ll do it the right way.  It might be organic, naturally raised, sustainable, local, depending on where they can find it, but it will always be the best quality we can give you. Our product is the best through them, and we trust them 100%. The majority of the meat is locally grown – coming to us from Ontario and Quebec. Currently they can provide us with chicken hearts, turkey hearts, beef heart and lamb necks. Occasionally lamb mixed offal as well (Lung/kidney/heart). We look forward to our growing future relationship with these guys!

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