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Keeping Cats Amused Isn't Easy!
Our cat toys are pre-approved for play by our resident cats Diego and Rupert!

Fair-Trade Organic Wool Catnip  Characters!

Each hand-crafted Barn Yarn character is knit in the high Andes and filled with premium catnip in the USA.

The Best Catnip Ever!

We all know that B.C. is known for growing excellent Bud! Catnip Bud, that is! Kooky Kat Catnip hails from Pitt Meadows, B.C. and is organically grown! Keep your Kitty buzzing with this potent homegrown!

Hand-Made in Ontario!

Krazy Kitty cat toys have been a popular seller for 2 decades! Many styles to choose from, including "Cat Tails", Ravioli, Mice, Refillable Blankets and Snuggle Stix. Made with catnip, honeysuckle or a combination of both!

Cat Scratching Posts

made by hand

in Toronto! 

We carry a large selection of bulk and packaged cat toys, wands, scratching posts ..................and more!..............

Play Kitty.....Play!

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